What Is The Future Of Content Marketing?

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we no longer ask if content marketing is the future, we are now asking what is the future of content marketing? What’s your prediction?


Denis Failly‘s insight:

4 reasons why we need to ask “what is the future of content marketing?”Content marketing has arrived. The attendance of the show. The collection of speakers. The increase in brands with great success stories to tell. The explosion of new tools. All these point to the fact that we have reached the tipping point where content marketing can no longer be ignored by brand marketers.The campaign-only model is dead. Most executives think marketing is the same things as advertising or promotion. We are no longer the folks who blow up balloons at trade shows. And while advertising campaigns and trade shows will continue to be a big part of what we do. It is no longer all we do, We now have to create always-on, continuous programs that drive demand.Content consumption by our buyers is increasing. While many people focus on the amount of information being created and how we have to “break through the noise,” we also need to see that the amount of information being consumed by our buyers is increasing pretty dramatically. Google’s “Zero Moment Of Truth research showed that the number of sources we look for in making a purchase has doubled (2011 vs. 2010).Customer-centricity must be at the heart of content marketing objectives. We have to make it all about the customer. And if we do execute on the vision of “brand journalism,” buyers will learn to trust us. And this will ultimately influence sales.

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Denis Henri Failly

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