The Sales Funnel is Dead

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A circle of continuous engagement is born.

We all grew up with the sales funnel. You know, the one where the company was in control and pushed the prospect through the sales grinder. Well, it’s dead.The good news is that it’s been buried by empowered customers who don’t see the sale as a “close”, but as the beginning of deeper value and engagement.According to voice of the customer research we conducted, ongoing value and engagement post-sale are critical for retaining today’s empowered consumers. During the past 12 months we included the following question in many of our research efforts: Which has more impact on retention and repeat purchases: customer satisfaction or customer engagement/relationship?The answer was consistent across our B2B and B2C research: Engagement/relationship strength has 12 times more influence on retention and repeat purchases than satisfaction. Basic satisfaction is now table stakes. Today’s consumers expect that the sale is just the beginning of a journey of increasingly personalized and sustained engagement.

Denis Failly‘s insight:

To complete this alternative approach of buyer journey, I suggest my presentation :


"7 metaphorical variation about customer conversion funnel"

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- Simplicity & linearity,
- A prospect irrationnal and multiple
- A non sequential conversion journey
- The Labyrinth
- Quantum tunneling in customer conversion prospect, – Virtuous strip or spatio – temporal shifts,
- Chaos and catastrophe
- Strange attractor« A field based approach of the buying cycle »

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