Marketing Automation: Why it Doesn’t Replace the Need to Think

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Marketing automation is an incredible tool for connecting with and engaging your customers. The old adage, « half of my marketing is working but I don’t know which half, » no longer really applies. Truly, marketing can be held accountable for both success and failure, and can more effectively learn from each mistake. Also, we are able to attribute sales to specific activities, which over time helps to create a more impactful marketing plan to maximize resources and hopefully grow budget each year. 

BUT, there is also a dark side to marketing automation. By making the process to connect with customers more streamlined and robotic, there can be a tendency to forget to put ourselves in the shoes of the customer. Marketing is still about communication, and we have to focus on connecting with customers in the way that they want us to. Here are three mistakes that some marketers make with marketing automation:

Denis Failly‘s insight:

So don’t forget to think, MA is just a tool and a set of process

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